That's Tits
[th ats tits]

1. A not-so-delicate English expression used to describe something or someone as perfectly effing badass.

That's Tits - created, curated and launched in 2017 - by Kristin Lopopolo is a digital exposé to divulge Kristin's creative visions, fascinating personality, innocent vices and obsessions. That’s Tits encourages you to adopt its lifestyle: remain completely uninhibited and totally unveiled.

Kristin Lopopolo
[KRIS-tin low-POP-oh-low]

1. A woman with Vivacious Personality Syndrome.

2. A chick proudly Made in America of imported Italian fabrics and particles.

3. A femme with a personality as large as her hair.

Kristin Lopopolo is a Palm Beach-born, American-Italian charmer with an outrageously loud personality that can easily power an entire city’s electricity.

Her enthusiastic approach to work and play is shaped from her commitment to being a lifelong athlete and vegetarian.

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