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What makes a home a home? For me, I'm constantly on the go. If you follow me on Snapchat and Instagram, you'll learn that I'm ALWAYS traveling (something that I cannot live without and am very grateful to have the luxury of exploring the globe). Since I am always on an adventure in a different town or city, it's excellent to immerse myself into the current environment so I can absorb the various surroundings.

When I'm visiting Quebec, I love staying in this private home just over the bridge outside of downtown Montreal. Every time I set foot off the plane, I get anxious to visit The South Shore house. When I open the front door, it feels like I have instantly transported into the middle of Paris. Check out the ceiling - c'est très beau!

As I Opened Fire by Roy Lichtenstein
Andy Warhol: The Record Covers, Catalogue Raisonné by Paul Marechal
Vases by Émile Gallé
Tapestry screen by Claude Beaulieu Woven at Aubusson France

Art Direction: Patrick Ohannessian

Photography: Vincent Azaïs Photography

Location: Private family home in South Shore, Quebec