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In honor of celebrating the arrival of Baby O, I was delighted to attend her special pop-up diner in the heart of my hometown, Palm Beach. In great fashion like her stellar mom, Baby O decided to come into this world by throwing an incredible 50's inspired costume party.

Naturally, I dressed up like Sandy from Grease because I can recite all her lines from the movie. If you know me, memorization is one of my greatest strengths. Literally, I have the memory of an elephant and to top it off, I am an auditory learner with a photographic memory. Once I hear or see something, it's automatically stored in my brain forever. On a regular basis, I will bust out with a monologue from any film, play or cartoon in the drop of a hat - any time, any place. It's just what I do! NO SHAME!

My friends certainly know how to go all out when theme dressing. My favorite, as always, Mr. Milkman - totally slaying life!

Anyways, we spent hours dancing the day away and celebrating one of the most precious blessings of all time. I was honored to be a part of your celebration, Baby!

I will always love you.

Photography: Bob Metelus of Bob Metelus Studios LLC

Location: Nick's 50's Diner